Dafo Middle East

Clover Bay Tower, Office 1106
Business Bay Dubai
United Arab Emirates

+971 4 232 3957

Dafo Middle East

Dafo Middle East is a company owned and managed by people with great expertise in their domain and high level of service and engineering. As a solution provider we aim to solving any technical challenges you may have by offering the best combination of products and solutions the industry has to offer.

Our managerial team consist of people with extensive knowledge and understanding for the firefighting industry, have great experience of different applications, thus offering you the level of customization you need to solve any technical challenge you may face. We offer a complete portfolio of products ranging from advanced vehicle fire suppression systems, to conveyor belts protection, construction equipment, power generators and sea port machines.

Our goal is to becoming a one stop shop for fire and safety products, but also to pursue the goal of offering higher level of service and convenience to our clients.