El-Cab sp. z o.o.

ul. Obornicka 37, Bolechowo-Osiedle
62-005 Owińska

+48 611818600

El-Cab sp. z o.o. - Fire safety in Poland

El-Cab is a company present on the market since 1996. It is located close to Poznań in central Poland. It employs over 500 employees.

El-Cab produces wire harnesses and electrical modules for automotive, railway, defense and other areas of industry.

Since 2009 El-Cab works with fire protection systems with Dafo. El-Cab represents in Poland also other companies producing products and systems used in commercial vehicles, trains, trams, etc. These are among the others: passengers information systems, monitoring systems, air-conditioning, heating systems, articulation systems, internal and external lighting, seats, electric fuses, liquid level sensors and many others.