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Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection, Business Manager

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Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection, Business Manager

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Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection, Business Manager

Construction equipment

Engines, hydraulics, fuel and electrical installations pose the greatest fireDVEfront.JPG risks in vehicles. These fires often take hold very quickly and are hard to extinguish with a handheld extinguisher. 

Insurance companies demand on-board extinguishing systems on machinery used for forestry, peat and chipping. Correctly planned and installed, an extinguishing system is a fast and effective way of providing the protection you need to prevent disaster. 

Dafo supplies systems approved by SBF in accordance with SBF 127, with Forrex, powder and CO2. We have more than 30 years' experience of extinguishing systems for vehicles requiring outstanding reliability under the most demanding conditions. 

A hundred or so authorised service companies all over the country, from north to south, guarantee a fast, secure service. Dafo's Forrex extinguishing medium container is the effective extinguisher for fires involving fibrous materials and fluids. These containers are available in 5-25 litre sizes. 

Our extinguishers are particularly effective for forestry and construction machinery where a combination of fibrous materials with oils and fuels can cause severe fires.